The temperature for December is averaging 65.6 degrees

Seven of this month’s first eight days the temp has been at least 62. Two of those days got into the 70s. The average daily temperature is running more than 10 degrees above average. The average high for the month is 49.8 degrees.

UPDATE, Sunday: Today’s forecast high is 71, which will make eight of December’s nine first days with a high of at least 62. Tomorrow, though, temps are expected to return to norms for this time of year.

You know we’re going to pay for this weather

It appears that the spring severe weather season is going to get cranked up in a hurry. Unfortunately, it looks like it could be another active one, on the heels of last year’s majorly bad severe weather season. Already, severe weather has made quite an impact this calendar year; January’s tornado total in the U.S. was the third highest for a month of January, ever. — More.