The bizarre case of a journalist claiming her tweets are not ‘publishable’

On Tuesday, Teri Buhl asked if she could use my site to respond to Techdirt, which reported that she was threatening to sue a lawyer for publishing her tweets.

I let her do that.

Today, Buhl is threatening to sue me for using the photo from her Twitter page. She says she owns the image and never gave me or others permission to publish it. She adds that she’s going to file a small claims suit against Mark Bennett and Techdirt for keeping the photo on their sites after being told to take it down. — More from Jim Romenesko.

UPDATE: (Jan. 28, 2013) New Canaan resident Teri Buhl, who is accused of posting the personal journal entries of her then-boyfriend’s teenage daughter online, made an appearance in Superior Court at Norwalk Monday morning where her trial was postponed until March 22 due to a judge’s absence because of illness. — More.

Boy, talk about irony.


Judge: Twitter must turnover protester’s tweets or face fine

Twitter’s case will determine whether it faces the burden of responding to subpoenas for its users, the San Francisco-based company has said. The outcome is significant throughout the U.S. as law enforcement becomes more aggressive in seeking information about what people do and say on the Internet, theAmerican Civil Liberties Union said in a May 31 court filing.  – More.

Ohio State bans reporters from using Twitter during Urban Meyer’s news conferences

Minutes before Meyer took to the podium Monday morning in the team meeting room, OSU spokesman Jerry Emig announced the day’s agenda, which included a silly new rule banning reporters from using Twitter during Meyer’s news conferences.

On the surface, it seems petty. But Ohio State officials have no legal standing to prevent reporters from sharing information that is given in a public setting. Nor do they have the authority to dictate when that information can be disseminated. — More.