Sen. Stacey Campfield denied service at a local restaurant?

Nashville blogger and Democratic activist Sean Braisted: Earlier today, from what I can tell, the restaurant The Bistro at the Bijou in Knoxville refused service to one Sen. Stacey Campfield. They posted a FB message that said, “I hope that Stacy Campfield now knows what if feels like to be unfairly discrimanted against.”  From all that I can ascertain, that was a response to not serving him for his well documented views of ignorance and bigotry towards the GLBT community. — More.

Matthew Hurtt has more.

And this: Tennessee State Sen. Stacey Campfield is on the Hallerin Hilton Hill radio show this morning. Closely associated with the so-called “Don’t say gay”, Campfield said he was denied service at the Bistro at the Bijou Theater, 807 South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37902-1711–phone 865-544-0537. Without giving a name, he said a woman came out of the back as said ‘You are a homophobe. I am not serving you’.

OUCH!: Victor Agreda Jr:  What the heck was Stacey Campfield doing at the Bijou Bistro anyway? He’s on record as saying the performing arts will give you AIDS.

If true, the denial seems a bit petty to me but, hey, to each his own.

UPDATE: Betsy PhillipsThe owner of a Knoxville restaurant kicked Stacey Campfield out of her establishment last night for being a destructive bigot. Sean Braisted gets to the core of the matter.

UPDATE II: Matther Hurtt:  The Tennessee Left (what little that actually exists) collectively cheers every time Campfield makes headlines for something silly. Their reaction this time is no different. It’s a personal vendetta they hold against him.

OUCH and OUCH: thesarcastro– Campy’s counter offensive will be to play victim card. Point out liberal hypocrisy. Claim moral high ground. Misspell stuff.

Kristina McLean – You know, Stacey Campfield? You have a CHOICE about being such an oppressive prick.

UPDATE III: Seen at Joe Powell’s place: I feel like he’s gone from being stupid to being dangerous, and I wanted to stand up to him.

Betsy Phillips: Africans aren’t regular people? People who sleep with Africans aren’t regular people?! This jackass wanted to join the Black Caucus and he doesn’t think people from Africa are regular people?

Heh: Stacey Campfield still welcome in some Knoxville restaurants

Heh II: Stacey Campfield allowed to eat at Ruth’s Chris Steak House.  “We only deny service to poor people,” says manager.

UPDATE IV: Ben Garrett: I wonder, though, where it will wind up if it becomes commonplace for businesses to start refusing service to folks based on their known political views. This is just another example of the poisonous political atmosphere that is dragging this nation down, and we aren’t doing ourselves any favors by engaging in it. We should be able to have rational debate on political issues — even the hot-button ones — based on their individual merits or lack thereof, and then make decisions civilly.