Memo to journos: There’s no such thing as a ‘personal blog’

Bob Eschliman was fired as editor of the Newton (Iowa) Daily News in May after complaining on his personal blog that “the LGBTQXYZ crowd and the Gaystapo” are trying to reword the Bible “to make their sinful nature ‘right with God,” and that “we must fight back against the enemy.”More.

It’s 2014! Are there still journalists who think they don’t have to take ownership of what they say on social media? You write it, you own it. Period.

Twitter pics, editors’ nightmare and jury’s ruling

Breaking today:

NEW YORK, Nov 22 (Reuters) – A federal jury on Friday ordered two media companies to pay $1.2 million to a freelance photojournalist for their unauthorized use of photographs he posted to Twitter. — More.

When can news outlets use photos they find on Twitter? A $1.2 million jury awarded to a photographer over unauthorized use of photos from the Haiti earthquake is likely to give editors heartburn. — More.

In addition, Getty and AFP were also found to have violated a total of 16 counts (based on the eight images in question) of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, for the amount of $400,000, according to Joseph Baio, Morel’s attorney. — More.

AFP obtained Morel’s eight photographs from the TwitPic account of a certain Lisandro Suero who had posted them on his own feed without crediting Morel or providing any restrictions on their use. — More.

The case is one of the first to address how images that individuals make available to the public through social media can be used by third parties for commercial purposes. — More.

The jury also said AFP and Getty had violated the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, for which they awarded Morel an additional $20,000. — More.

When I was at the KNS, I found it pretty easy just to ask permission to use a photo. I know, radical concept.

A media war or just liquid courage speaking?

Mike Donila‏@MikeDonila Dead effing soldier
11:06 PM – 18 Oct 13

Mike Donila ‏@MikeDonila 9h
big congrats to the local media for getting for pushing a story that could have waited a day. How does it feel to lose @wate @knoxnews

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who gets arrested BIG SCOOP where you at @6News

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@jamiescoop If I unfollow you then you will drop.LOL

Sit back and pass the popcorn.


Report: NYT to eliminate most, if not all sports blogs

In addition to the Green blog, Media Decoder and The Choice (about getting into and financing college) have disappeared. Dozens of Times blogs remain, but more will be eliminated, as Joe Pompeo of Capital New York reported this week. He wrote that “a decision has been made to pull the plug on most, if not all of The Times’s sports blogs.More.

No doubt we’ll see newspapers across the country continue to evaluate the value of social media as they continue to evolve. I strongly suspect other papers will follow NYT’s actions. More and more it’s all about revenue and resources. In Knoxville, though, I don’t see the KNS pulling back on a successful social media strategy, especially sports blogs. For the NYT, sports are not nearly as a priority as they are at the KNS. Having said that, again it’s all about the bottom line. Stay tuned.

Key to viral videos: ego

In this case, the potential gain comes in the form of improving the viewer’s reputation among friends and family, for example. Thus, it behooves advertisers to create videos that not only will make the product look good but, if shared, will make the viewer look good, too. — More.

Well, duh. Why do you think people starting blogging more than a decade ago? Social media are full of egos. Sharing is simply an extension of that.

Social media not iced over

I’ll be updating here as I see interesting stuff. Meanwhile, anybody want two eight-year-olds. No, really. I’ll pay you to come and get them.


Tim Burchett@timburchett We just wrecked. I don’t need to go to the bathroom any more.

Ken Weathers@lucky13wxman RT @6News: #BREAKING @UTKnoxville is closed

Ken Weathers@lucky13wxman Some HEAVY freezing rain sliding off the Plateau down into the Valley

Kristina McLean@TNLocavore EMS crews in N Knox County responding to call have wrecked a fire truck $ a State Trooper has been injured.1 fatality reported from scene.

Dee Dee Constantine For those who were actually going to brave the square for lunch…… don’t.
@AllThingsSassy I’m just hoping we won’t get the half inch they’re now saying is possible. Because goodbye power.
WBIR Weather@WBIRWeather NWS has reports of trees and powerlines down along the plateau where heavy icing is taking place.
Steve Butera@swesbutera Saw man carried by gurney, legs moving. In plain clothes… not sure if he’s the trooper.
Knox Co. Government@KnoxGov Level 3 State of Emergency issued by @T_E_M_A. Spokesman just told @6News that they issue 5 or 6 of these each year.
Wow…second round of freezing rain is hitting with a vengence now.  The power lines are all forming little ice skirts/fringe.  Dum, dum, DUM…
Dave Foulk@foulknews This does not sound good.. WVLT Local8 News State Trooper is still in damaged car from crash this morning involving Rural Metro fire engine