Who’ll be the first to call the race — correctly?

Stelter runs through some of this year’s greatest hits of media goofery: NBC’s George Zimmerman 911 call tapes. CNN and Fox reporting the Supreme Court struck down Obamacare. ABC speculating the suspect in the Aurora, Colo., theater shooting was a member of the tea party. The Great Stock Exchange Flood.More.

Can the increasingly gaffe-prone media call an extremely close election accurately? – More.

UPDATE: Journalists donating to the campaigns: “I think Romney is a dangerous religious freak whose election will cripple America,” said Levy, who has donated $225 to Obama this year.

Twenty newspapers that endorsed Obama in 2008 not doing so this year

Newsday (Long Island, NY) and The Daily News of New York are among those who endorsed Obama in 2008 now endorsing Romney. One newspaper that endorsed John McCain in 2008 is endorsing Obama.

Of those newspapers now not endorsing Obama, 12 are endorsing Romney and eight are not endorsing this cycle. Interestingly, one paper not endorsing this year is the Memphis Commercial Appeal. It endorsed Obama in 2008. The Times Picayune of New Orleans switched its endorsement from Obama in 2008 to Romney this year. — More.

In swing states, Romney is endorsed by 44 newspapers; Obama 30 newspapers. In Ohio, Romney has a 12 to 7 lead in endorsements. In Wisconsin, Romney has a 6 to 1 lead. It should be noted, though, that generally speaking Obama is getting the more endorsements in large cities.

UPDATE: Wisconsin State Journal endorses Romney, becomes latest paper to flip from Obama in ’08

UPDATE: In all states: “See the 28 Large Newspapers That Endorsed Obama Last Election and Are Now Endorsing Romney”

UPDATE: Pasadina Star-News endorses Romney. It endorsed Obama in 2008.

In which state is Romney sweeping newspaper endorsements? MANY UPDATES

As of this posting, two dozen newspapers in MN have endorsed Romney, none for Obama.

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ALSO: The last time the (Des Moines) Register endorsed a Republican for president was 1972, when it chose Richard Nixon over George McGovern.

Des Moines Register endorses Mitt Romney for president, becoming 6th major paper to flip from Obama in ’08

Romney leads Obama in Swing State newspaper endorsements

UPDATE: Star Tribune in Minneapolis/St. Paul today endorses Obama. That brings the tally of endorsements in MN to 24 for Romney, one for Obama.

In swing states, Romney has 27 newspaper endorsements and Obama has 22.

BTW: I’ve emailed Editor & Publisher suggesting they include the state of Iowa and others in this list of endorsements by states.

Obama loses at least 12 newspaper endorsements he had in 2008, but outpacing Romney

As of this posting Obama has 32 endorsements compared to 25 for Romney. Nine papers that endorsed Obama in 2008 have endorsed Romney this cycle. Three papers that endorsed Obama in 2008 are not endorsing this cycle. The combined circulation of the papers endorsing Obama is about 8.7 million. The 25 papers endorsing Romney have a combined circulation of about 5 million.

The papers that switched from Obama to Romney are the Houston Chronicle, Ft. Worth Star-Telegram, Orlando Sentinel, Ft. Lauderdale Sun-Sentinel, The Tennessean, The Des Moines Register, Daily Herald (Arlington Heights, IL), Daily News (Los Angeles) and the Press-Telegram (Los Angeles County, CA). — More here and here.

Having said all that, clearly newspaper endorsements are less relevant than ever. In fact, I agree with my former colleagues in their decision to drop endorsing in the presidential race. It’s nice to see others, too, cease the presumptuous practice.

KNS Editor Jack McElroy said in his Sunday column earlier this month: “Citizens can find plenty of opinions about the presidential candidates to weigh against their own, and there is no shortage of community dialogue — far from it.

The News Sentinel also has no special access to the candidates, and, in this age of global Internet and 24-hour news, we have no sources of information that every other citizens does not have as well.”

Traditional Democratic TN newspaper endorses Romney

To say this endorsement by The Tennessean is an eyebrow raiser is an understatement. This is the same newspaper, where former Vice President Al Gore got his start in journalism, that endorsed Obama in 2008. Of course, the paper endorsed Gore in 2000. In 2004, the paper endorsed Democrat John Kerry over President Bush. Also, Davidson County and some of the surrounding counties are traditional Democratic stronghold.

And there’s this: “5th is historically a very safe seat for the Democratic Party, due almost entirely to the influence of heavily Democratic Nashville.”

Tennessee is safe for Romney, so perhaps the Tennessean took the safe route in endorsing him. Still, the endorsement will have political junkies across the country buzzing.

Here’s part of the editorial: “He has generally made poor choices of the people needed to get the job done, such as Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner. And the number of jobs created during his term simply has not kept up with demand.

Should President Obama, as some suggested, have devoted his early political capital to jobs and debt reduction and pursuing Wall Street criminals, instead of health reform? Time will tell. But it’s clear whatever shaky bridges were burned in the push for health reform only emboldened Republicans to oppose his subsequent economic proposals. That has rendered much of his presidency ineffective.”

Reaction from the TN left:

Betsy Phillips@AuntB Holy s–t. Did @Tennessean not let any of their political reporters weigh in on their endorsement? That is hilarious.

R. Neal: Their incoherent editorial is vaguely reminiscent of the News Sentinel’s 2004 Bush endorsement.

W.W.J.D.: Tennessean Endorses Romney, Freezes Over Hell

Tennessean lamely endorses Romney…even though he is unprepared & embarassing. http://www.nashvillescene.com/pitw/archives/2012/10/18/wwjd-tennessean-endorses-romney-freezes-over-hell …

Much more on Twitter.

UPDATE: Newspaper crosses the line with campaign contribution.

Talk about ‘margin of error’

“Obama is up in Ohio, Florida, Virginia, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, but by smaller margins than in the past.

But Romney now has one-point leads — well within the margins of error — in other polls taken in Virginia and Colorado.” — More.

well within the margins of error

In the avalanche of poll stories, one rarely reads the above critical point. Polls are like cotton candy: immediate gratification with no substance.