‘Pray for the hastened day that the Ol’ Gray Lady finally goes belly up’

East TN journalist Ben Garrett: When one of the nation’s most-read newspapers veils its partisan biases so thinly and is as eager to display its hypocrisy for all the world to see, that’s disheartening and dangerous for the newspaper industry in general. Large or small, daily or non, newspapers in general are still judged by the likes of the New York Post, the Washington Post, and a handful of other top-read newspapers. So when you see the next poll saying that Americans have little to no trust in newspapers, thank a member of the NYT’s hopelessly biased and journalistically unethical editorial board . . . and pray for the hastened day that the Ol’ Gray Lady finally goes belly up for good. — More.

NYT pulling the plug on Green blog

This change will allow us to direct production resources to other online projects. — More.

In other words, it was a non-revenue product.

And there’s this: This is terrible news, to say the least. When the Times announced in January that it was dismantling its three-year-old environment pod and reassigning its editors and reporters to other desks, managing editor Dean Baquet insisted that the outlet remained as committed as ever to covering the environment. Obviously, that was an outright lie.


Two big boo-boos at the NYT

Two recent New York Times articles included significant numerical errors that elicited howls of protest from readers and critics.

In each case, the wrong number was core to the story’s central thesis, leading some to suggest the entire article should have been retracted or completely altered. — More.

Don’t people know journalists don’t do math?


The NYT: still holding to that age-old adage as it becomes increasingly irrelevant . . . why let the truth stand in the way of a good story? Or, in this case, a good political agenda . . . — More.

SayUncle on a NYT piece: This is likely because his piece is false or because the data doesn’t exist. What media bias?