Asparagus 1, Newspaper 0

“I’ve been in newspapers for 30 years, and the public indignation and moral umbrage [over the story] surprised many of us veterans. …Symbolic outrage rooted in a vitamin-rich vegetable came from left field.”More.

In my experience, journalists don’t eat asparagus so, naturally, there’s a bias. Thankfully, my daughter loves asparagus.

(Hey. Maybe if it came with bacon. OMG. Don’t tell me asparagus is the new bacon!)

Newspaper purchases plagiarism-detection software

Two plagiarism cases that occurred at the Toronto Star in the past week “demand serious action,” Public Editor Kathy English writes. Star reporter Madhavi Acharya-Tom Yew lifted from a Globe and Mail report, and now-former Toronto school board director Chris Spence plagiarized in an op-ed. Spence resigned after readers and reporters found his other published work, including his doctoral thesis, were filled with plagiarized material.More.