Judge: Players can seek future NCAA revenue

A federal judge on Friday partially certified a lawsuit filed by more than 20 players, allowing football and basketball players in major programs to challenge as a group NCAA rules prohibiting compensation beyond the value of their athletic scholarships, but also denying their pursuit of billions of dollars in past revenues.More.

After watching the UT/Auburn game, can fans seek refunds?

NCAA bans hashtags, URLs on football fields

The NCAA Football Rules Committee has approved a measure that “social media designations such as URL’s and hashtags, are prohibited” on the playing field, end zone and sidelines. — More.

NCAA bans the use of hashtags on the field #boo #nofunpolice

NCAA bans hashtagged fields, having solved all other problems

The new rule also prohibits website URLs on the field. Other rules stipulate that jersey numbers must have a distinct color from the jersey itself, and eye shields, including glasses and goggles must be clear and not tinted.More.

The Nannystate Collegiate Athletic Association

If you’re interested in collegiate sports coverage, and the upcoming NCAA basketball tournaments, read this

The letter raises concerns  regarding the actions NCAA member institutions around the country have  taken to restrict ASNE members’ ability to gain access to facilities,  persons and information that allow us to cover local teams. The NCAA and  various universities are also restricting publication of blog posts and  use of social media, including Twitter and Facebook, among journalists. — More.

And this from KNS online guru Jack Lail: Being a jackass is a NCAA sanctioned event

And there’s this: We recently learned that the media seating arrangements for the upcoming NCAA Tournament have been revised, with as many as 30 percent of the seats previously available to our members moved away from the court and into locations which make our coverage of these games more difficult and ultimately less informative to the public.

Is this Round 3 for KY’s John Calipari?

The New York Times is reporting that the NCAA is looking into Nerlens Noel, a top prep recruit who has committed to play at national champion Kentucky next season. — More.

Might this lead to Calipari’s third nullification of a Final Four appearance? One can only hope. There is this, of course: John Calipari’s Autobiography: Cheat 2 Win

Sit back and pass the popcorn, please. Perhaps the movie title should be Third and Done.