Russia Today London correspondent resigns in protest at ‘disrespect for facts’ over Malaysian plane crash

Firth described the Malaysia Airlines flight crash coverage as “the straw that broke the camel’s back for me” and handed in her resignation this morning.

Russia Today has been criticised for suggesting the crash is the fault of Ukraine. Most other media outlets have suggested that a more likely explanation is that pro-Russian separatists were responsible for shooting down the passenger jet. So far it is estimated that around 300 people died in the crash. — More.

Like many, I’m drawn to this tragic story, both emotionally and as a former journalist. She appears to have shown great courage in taking a stand.

The bizarre case of a journalist claiming her tweets are not ‘publishable’

On Tuesday, Teri Buhl asked if she could use my site to respond to Techdirt, which reported that she was threatening to sue a lawyer for publishing her tweets.

I let her do that.

Today, Buhl is threatening to sue me for using the photo from her Twitter page. She says she owns the image and never gave me or others permission to publish it. She adds that she’s going to file a small claims suit against Mark Bennett and Techdirt for keeping the photo on their sites after being told to take it down. — More from Jim Romenesko.

UPDATE: (Jan. 28, 2013) New Canaan resident Teri Buhl, who is accused of posting the personal journal entries of her then-boyfriend’s teenage daughter online, made an appearance in Superior Court at Norwalk Monday morning where her trial was postponed until March 22 due to a judge’s absence because of illness. — More.

Boy, talk about irony.


Journalist stripping across the U.S in bid to get job back

Sarah Tressler, former society reporter for the Houston Chronicle, is planning a “coast-to-coast stripping tour from Los Angeles to Chicago, New York, Miami, Tampa and Atlanta,” she tells Doug Elfman, entertainment columnist for the Las Vegas Review-Journal. Tressler lost her job at the Chronicle after the Houston Press reported she was blogging about her second job as a stripper. – More.

I guess this is a story where she plans to bare all.