Social media not iced over

I’ll be updating here as I see interesting stuff. Meanwhile, anybody want two eight-year-olds. No, really. I’ll pay you to come and get them.


Tim Burchett@timburchett We just wrecked. I don’t need to go to the bathroom any more.

Ken Weathers@lucky13wxman RT @6News: #BREAKING @UTKnoxville is closed

Ken Weathers@lucky13wxman Some HEAVY freezing rain sliding off the Plateau down into the Valley

Kristina McLean@TNLocavore EMS crews in N Knox County responding to call have wrecked a fire truck $ a State Trooper has been injured.1 fatality reported from scene.

Dee Dee Constantine For those who were actually going to brave the square for lunch…… don’t.
@AllThingsSassy I’m just hoping we won’t get the half inch they’re now saying is possible. Because goodbye power.
WBIR Weather@WBIRWeather NWS has reports of trees and powerlines down along the plateau where heavy icing is taking place.
Steve Butera@swesbutera Saw man carried by gurney, legs moving. In plain clothes… not sure if he’s the trooper.
Knox Co. Government@KnoxGov Level 3 State of Emergency issued by @T_E_M_A. Spokesman just told @6News that they issue 5 or 6 of these each year.
Wow…second round of freezing rain is hitting with a vengence now.  The power lines are all forming little ice skirts/fringe.  Dum, dum, DUM…
Dave Foulk@foulknews This does not sound good.. WVLT Local8 News State Trooper is still in damaged car from crash this morning involving Rural Metro fire engine