Good piece in USA Today on TN football

HOOVER, Ala. — The basement in Butch Jones’ home is where you’ll find his personal trophy case, a glass-encased collection of the various rings, mementos, souvenirs and keepsakes accumulated during the course of a seven-year coaching career.

It includes no major hardware from Jones’ single season at Tennessee, which ended with the program’s fifth losing season in six years; it does, however, with its glittering markers of past successes, serve as a painful reminder of just how long it’s been since Tennessee’s name resonated on a national scale.

Tennessee has four losing seasons in a row, the program’s longest such streak since 1903-6. The Volunteers are 33-41 since the start of the 2008 season, the second-worst record in the Southeastern Conference, and have just 15 wins during the last three years – in comparison, long-suffering Vanderbilt has 16 wins in its last 20 games. — More.

Judge: Players can seek future NCAA revenue

A federal judge on Friday partially certified a lawsuit filed by more than 20 players, allowing football and basketball players in major programs to challenge as a group NCAA rules prohibiting compensation beyond the value of their athletic scholarships, but also denying their pursuit of billions of dollars in past revenues.More.

After watching the UT/Auburn game, can fans seek refunds?