A whopper of a correction

This article has been changed. An earlier version stated that Oxford  University accepted “only one black Caribbean student” in 2009, when in fact the  university accepted one British black Caribbean undergraduate who declared his  or her ethnicity when applying to Oxford. The article has also been amended to  reflect the context for comments made by British Prime Minister David Cameron on  the number of black students at Oxford. It has also been changed to reflect the  fact that in 2009 Oxford “held” rather than “targeted” 21% of its outreach  events at private schools, and that it draws the majority of its non-private  students from public schools with above average levels of attainment, rather  than “elite public schools.”  An amendment was made to indicate that Office  for Fair Access director Les Ebdon has not imposed but intends to negotiate  targets with universities. It has been corrected to indicate that every  university-educated Prime Minister save Gordon Brown has attended Oxford or  Cambridge since 1937, rather than throughout history. The  proportion of Oxbridge graduates in David Cameron’s cabinet has been updated — following the Prime Minister’s September reshuffle, the percentage rose from  almost 40% to two-thirds. Percentages on leading Oxbridge  graduates have been updated to reflect the latest figures. The article  erred in stating that private school students have “dominated” Oxbridge for “centuries.” In the 1970s, according to Cambridge, admissions of state school  students ranged from 62% to 68%, sinking down to around 50% in the  1980s. The article has been amended to clarify that although only a small  percentage of British students are privately educated, they make up one-third of  the students with the requisite qualifications to apply to Oxbridge.
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