Report: NYT to eliminate most, if not all sports blogs

In addition to the Green blog, Media Decoder and The Choice (about getting into and financing college) have disappeared. Dozens of Times blogs remain, but more will be eliminated, as Joe Pompeo of Capital New York reported this week. He wrote that “a decision has been made to pull the plug on most, if not all of The Times’s sports blogs.More.

No doubt we’ll see newspapers across the country continue to evaluate the value of social media as they continue to evolve. I strongly suspect other papers will follow NYT’s actions. More and more it’s all about revenue and resources. In Knoxville, though, I don’t see the KNS pulling back on a successful social media strategy, especially sports blogs. For the NYT, sports are not nearly as a priority as they are at the KNS. Having said that, again it’s all about the bottom line. Stay tuned.

Here’s where I bitch at some of you

Ten years ago I started following blogs. As a journalist, it was a great way to see what folks were talking about. I also followed blogs to be entertained. Lately, and some much longer, several of you have been complete and utter failures at accomplishing your most important task: to entertain me.

I won’t name, names but I will point my finger at you, you, you, you and you, to list just some folks not fulfilling your goal. And don’t give me any of that crap about jobs and families. Get back to pounding the pixels. And if you are going to post a picture of Modelo, you damn well better buy me one.

There. There’s your mission. And you will CHOOSE to accept it.

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