The brutal bludgeoning in ‘bama

Included in the massive cuts at the state’s major newspapers, all editorial pages will be eliminated. That’s akin to eliminating those pages in Memphis, Nashville and Knoxville.

Is it a local paper if you don’t have an editorial board to weigh in on matters of local importance, to call out the school board and complain about lousy streets? Is it a local paper if you rely on stringers to cover the big football games and miss the Cinderalla story that a beat reporter would’ve nailed?

Advance seems to think a local newspaper is three things: a small group of reporters, advertisers who need your paper whether it’s published three days or seven, and some readers. Fewer, every day. — More.

It was tough watching this from inside a newsroom. It is tougher watching it from the outside now.

UPDATE: Trace Sharp has a thoughtful post.