What’s being missed in the media/Te’o story

Former Newsday editor/critic: One thing nobody seems to mention in excoriating early media acceptance of the Manti Te’o girlfriend tale — nobody checked deep enough, blah blah blah (Howard Kurtz just let loose on CNN) — is that many reporters are no longer given *time* to report. For print (or whatever you want to call today’s newspaper/magazine biz), they’re too busy blogging, Tweeting, dashing out “breaking news” alerts/writethrus, and otherwise upping online page views with right-now quick takes. For TV, they’re too busy “going live” from “location” to actually go out and, you know, find out anything, much less make an effort to confirm it. Many if not most reporters abhor this, but going along is the way they keep their jobs. And we all know how few of those are left.More.

I suspect there are a great many journalists who would agree with this. They’re ‘slingin’ hash.’



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