15 thoughts on “Facebook page for man convicted in heinous Knoxville murders sparks online revolt

  1. This man was part of a murder of 2 young people in Knoxville TN. Why in the world would FB allow him or any of his group to be on here. No wonder FB stocks is down. You dont you have members look at or have a do not allow on FB team. examples not to be on FB MURDERS,RAPIST,CHILD MOLESTERS,WIFE BEATERS ANY ONE IN PRISON OR A FELON CONVICTION!!!!!!

  2. you have NO right to a face book let alone OXYGEN after what you did you sick twisted MONSTER— i hope you go to HELL.. and to all your friends- you can JOIN HIM

  3. I am writing to complain about the 2 Facebook pages and support page that Lemaricus Davidson has. He is a convicted murderer and this should not be allowed. I feel that is just another slap in the face toward these families and its wrong! Is this what my tax dollars pay for? And if it is someone on the outside keeping the page up for him well they are a big of piece of crap as he is and they should not be allowed to do this either. Please help to have the pages taken off of Facebook.

  4. This Page needs To Be Deleted…. He has Been Found Guilty Of Murder, Rape and It’s Not Moral For Him To Have A Right To Have A Social Page. He Is A Murderer and Rapist….

  5. This waste of oxygen doesn’t deserve a fb page nor does he deserve another trial, and that goes 4 his cohorts they all deserve a slow miserable death by stoning. And 4 u morons that believe he’s worth a fb page put ur selves n the victims place. Dumbasses

  6. This “person” should be removed from FB and a block of any variation of this name permanently denied access for any future accounts. I’m sick if hearing about his “rights” when his victims were REPEATEDLY denied theirs. An eye for an eye!

  7. Are you freaking kidding me? This is a monster who doesn’t deserve the air he is breathing! How in the hell can anyone in they’re right mind let this Heinous creature torment these families from behind bars? Remove this immediately!!

  8. Ding ding : got 3 first class sets to hell for those 3 rapist and murderer’s

  9. This animal doesn’t deserve the air he breaths. He is a sick convicted rapest & killer. Those that support such a scum bag isn’t any better. He needs to be removed immediately.

  10. I hope that one of us “good ole boys/gals gets ahold of you….I’d tie you to my Chevy and drag your fucking ass down the interstate but before that, i’d torture you hillbilly style!

  11. when is this lame ass country going to wake up. If it was five white dudes that brutally kidnapped, sodomized, tortured, mutilated and burned an innocent black couple, ever city in this country would be ablaze with our racist president leading the charge. Not even so much as a peep from the Marxist media….If it wasn’t so unbelievably sick I would have to laugh until I puked… status quo as always.