Here’s where I bitch at some of you

Ten years ago I started following blogs. As a journalist, it was a great way to see what folks were talking about. I also followed blogs to be entertained. Lately, and some much longer, several of you have been complete and utter failures at accomplishing your most important task: to entertain me.

I won’t name, names but I will point my finger at you, you, you, you and you, to list just some folks not fulfilling your goal. And don’t give me any of that crap about jobs and families. Get back to pounding the pixels. And if you are going to post a picture of Modelo, you damn well better buy me one.

There. There’s your mission. And you will CHOOSE to accept it.

8 thoughts on “Here’s where I bitch at some of you

  1. He’s right. I hate that life has kept too many of our great bloggers from doing what they do so well. I’ll admit to suffering some withdrawal as a result.

  2. Just kidding. I don’t blog anymore on politics. 7.5 years of obsessive full-time no-pay blogging was enough. I occasionally blog about photography now – at, just click the BLOG button. I tweet and rant on Facebook about politics, but my primary focus now is expanding my business of marketing the products of Zija International after their “Smart Mix” nutritional drink cured my seasonal allergies in three weeks and my chronically stiff joints in six. By this time next year I expect to be completely out of politics and media, and being doing only that and photography.

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  4. but … but … i was hard at work in the non-blog world, however my most recent post most sincerely made mention of such duties (and included a shameless plug for the work I was so busy with).
    it does feel good to be missed – and rest assured, the Return of yer Cup of Joe Powell is ahead!!!

  5. I know. I KNOW! I’m sorry… life man… In all honesty, I think I blog less lately because I’m not as angry and when I’m not angry, I’m kind of boring. I have all these half-baked ideas in my head and the only time I find myself sitting in front of a computer long enough to write them on anything more significant than a post it or a grocery receipt is at work where I’m lucky I can find the time to pee, let alone a blog post… I’ll try and do better.

    And sorry about the Modelo… look me up, I’ll buy you one!