A dead-tree edition today gores global warming. And, Headline of the Day

For people who want more action on global warming, an inconvenient truth has arisen over the last decade: Annual average temperatures stayed relatively flat globally — and dropped in the United States and Oregon — despite mankind’s growing release of greenhouse gases.

The hiatus in temperature increases may be contributing to higher public skepticism about warming, particularly in the United States. — More at Gore Lied.

Hmmmm. Maybe the MSM winds are shifting.

24 thoughts on “A dead-tree edition today gores global warming. And, Headline of the Day

      • Nuh uh! It’s only weather if it’s colder than normal, and it’s been WARMER, so that makes it CLIMATE. Also, colder temperatures are local, while warmer temperatures are global. That’s why I’m always right!

  1. Not bad. Not bad at all, if one is looking at one three-month period, as opposed to, say, oh, 10 years of global data.

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  3. We haven’t had what I’d call a hot summer in southern California in many years.

    • I agree. I to am in Socal and the summers have been mild and the winters cooler than usual. People have noticed too.

  4. Our local rag is trying to bring zombie-global-warming back to life because of the record March temperatures. Where were they when we had one of our coldest winters ever a couple of years ago?

    Global Warming = Wealth Redistribution Scam

  5. Doug, if you’re going to point to one city’s recent temperatures, then why not ask the people of Europe, who have faced a historically cold winter? The difference between climate and weather isn’t hard to grasp, but maybe you want to go take a middle school earth science course and refresh your knowledge.

    • Oh, god no! Today’s middle school teachers are in the can for Algore and the whole Global Warming scam. Don’t trust them to teach truth!

  6. It’s only climate if it supports “the narrative”. Otherwise it’s just weather.

  7. We were warm in the lower 48. But I suppose you didn’t see anything about the record snowfalls in Alaska. Or the brutal cold of Eastern Europe. This from a CNN story Feb. 7:

    “Eastern Europe remained in the grip of brutal cold and deep snows Tuesday, with authorities in Ukraine, the hardest-hit country, scrambling to help thousands of people whose lives are at risk due to the weather.

    “At least 250 people have already died across the region during the cold snap, with 135 of the dead in Ukraine.”

    Go preach global warming over there, see if they buy your mythical global warming.

  8. If you REALLY want to understand what is going on, listen to Dr Salby’s excellent lecture.


    It is only our short human viewpoint that reinforces the idiotic AGW viewpoint. The climate warms and the climate cools and humans CO2 emissions have damnall to do with it.

    Still, earth’s life has somehow muddled along for billions of years of warming and cooling, so what we think is meaningless except to the select ‘special’ few. /sarc

  9. The Navier Stokes equations describe fluid flow with changes in temperature and density. They are non-linear, chaotic, with sensitive dependence on initial conditions. Small changes in measured state (0.001 degrees) lead to different results, with deviation between predicted states increasing, deviations double in about 7 days for typical weather. Because of the non-linearity, prediction of distant future states from a finite record of past states is not possible. This has been known since the work of Edward Lorenz in 1963. “Deterministic Aperiodic Flow”.
    Any scheme or policy that depends on long term prediction of fluid flow with changes in temperature and density is therefor either an error, or a hoax.

    If the persons perpetrating the scheme or policy have undoubted knowledge in science, then I would lean toward hoax. If the persons perpetrating the scheme or policy have questionable knowledge in science, I would lean toward error.

    • Let’s see….. Al Gore flunked out of Divinity school. So which one would apply?

  10. The weather was very nice and temperate in Knoxville. I wish every winter could be the same. I am pro-global warming and think that it is a shame the planet isn’t actually warming.

  11. So last century. The globe has stopped warming as soon as Gore made his first billion. Now we are onto global cooling which will dry up the oceans, Sometime in the future Americans can take Obama’s Intercontinental Rails to China.

  12. My local paper, the O-Rag, obviously didn’t get the memo. The approved term-du-jour is “climate change”, not “global warming”. Covers all bases: too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry, too windy, too calm … climate change!

    Of course, the rest of us prefer the unfashionable term “weather”.

  13. As with many theories, the element of proportion should have always been part of the global warming discussion. For instance, we may find after many more years of study that human activity has indeed contributed to warming of 1/10 degree but that other, natural factors beyond our control have increased (or decreased) the temperature averages by a high multiple of that amount. It is our reaction in economic terms that should dominate the debate. Should we devote billions in limited resources to this issue when other pressing needs go unmet? That is the question, and all sane persons with no personal economic interest will arrive at the same conclusion.

    • Exactly! Climate will change; we CANNOT stop it. (Whether we can cause or even significantly affect climate change is, in my mind, doubtful, but my husband is totally on board with the idea…) We have vulnerabilities to climate change. Where should we put our money, on playing King Canute and trying to hold back the inevitable, or on adapting and hardening our systems so that when the inevitable happens, we don’t all go hungry/freeze/get a wicked sunburn/drown/whatever?

  14. The powers that be at the UN have figured out that the IPCC won’t do it for them. So they are switching to promoting “Happiness” as the way to socialism. http://www.americanthinker.com/2012/04/un_report_happiness_isworld_socialism.html
    The media now knows it is safe to drop man caused global warming as the cause celeb. The cause is different but the goal remains the same, the subjugation of you and me. Take money from the happy to give to the unhappy. Even while we know that the unhappy will still remain unhappy and the happy will become destitute. Socialism spreads misery, just look at Russia, Cuba, China. And we have sure certain proof: Have any of the three produced a single half hour comedy TV show that can get close to what we see every night?

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