4 thoughts on “Boy, talk about sweeping generalizations

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  2. Actually, as someone who carries a gun, I completely agree with him. I mean to harm and/or kill anyone who tries to harm and/or kill me.

  3. Funny, Mr. Cosby is one of the few rich and famous elites who has held a CCW permit in New York City. So, when he carried, was he meaning to “harm somebody, kill somebody”?

    And why the fuck are we asking Bill Cosby about the shooting of Trayvon Martin?

  4. @ MrSatyre; That reminds me of a comment by Col. Jeff Cooper, when asked whether violence begetts violence. To paraphrase;
    It is my sincere endevor to see to it that it does. Someone who initiates violence upon another person should get more in return that he can handle.