Knoxville: ‘Mayberry with sushi’

Soaring ceilings, plush linens, and gracious service from tattooed attendants make the place feel like a country star’s mansion. Right outside the hotel’s door, Union Ave. offers some of the city’s most eclectic shopping. There’s a fierce local spirit here; aside from an Urban Outfitters that looks dropped from another planet, almost all the strip’s shops feature Tennessee products. — A must read from today’s New York Daily News.


OMG! You must go listen to this mother talk about her daughter

The ignorance of people never ceases to amaze me. This is an excellent example of why I’ve always been a big fan of “mommy blogs.” They deal with reality. They deal with the daily difficulties and the daily joys. And quite often they smack ignorance right in the mouth. I rarely say you must go view something, but this one you must. It’s a powerful six minutes and if you can watch it with a dry eye, check your pulse. And wait until you hear how the mother describes herself.

Here’s a teaser: “She knows it, God knows it, and that’s good enough for me.”.

Ignorance and stereotypes are busted! Brilliant!

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This #Mom Hears Many Ignorant Comments About Her #Daughter. Her Response Is Awesome.

Hard to imagine this is good news for Knoxville

CINCINNATI – The E.W. Scripps Co. will say goodbye to newspapers, including the News Sentinel, and hello to radio in a merger and spinoff transaction with the parent company of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper.

The deal calls for Milwaukee-based Journal Communications Inc. to merge its 13 television stations and 35 radio stations into Cincinnati-based Scripps. Both companies will spin off their newspaper assets into a new publicly traded company, Journal Media Group. — More.

Here’s a post at Romenesko, a site popular among journalists. Seen in comments: “‘Everyone wins” says Journal Communications CEO Steve Smith.
So when do the layoffs start?” And, “But some, including Smith, will win more than others — lots more.”

There’s also more at Poynter, another popular journalism site.

NYT: “Among the benefits of the deal is that both companies would be free to pursue growth through acquisitions, unimpeded by media cross-ownership rules. For instance, Scripps could potentially buy television stations in Florida, since it would not have any newspaper holdings that would limit what it could acquire.”

Everyone wins? Not the people of East TN or my former colleagues at the KNS.

UPDATE: Former colleague Jigsha Desai has more.

UPDATE II: Smith naturally put a positive spin on it, telling the JS that “Everybody Wins.” It’s a cinch that’s not true. So who loses and who gains and what does it all mean? — More.

UPDATE III: My sources confirm this report from a Milwaukee tipster: The story broke earlier than planned on the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel’s website because the Wall Street Journal got wind of the deal. The news was scheduled to break Thursday morning in the Journal Sentinel. After the paper learned the WSJ had the story, JS reporter Bill Glauber was sent to the 5th and 6th floor – away from the newsroom – to do the reporting late Wednesday. — More.

UPDATE IV: These sales have, broadly speaking, been about putting the print properties on an ice floe to fend for themselves. — More.

Just when you thought government lunacy could not get any worse…

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has cancelled plans for a “Southern Accent Reduction” class because of objections from lab staff members, some of whom said they were offended by the training opportunity. — More.

Well, what do you say other than egghead bureaucrats at work with your money. This story should be on network news tonight. Oh, wait. The topic is Southerners. Never mind.

Memo to journos: There’s no such thing as a ‘personal blog’

Bob Eschliman was fired as editor of the Newton (Iowa) Daily News in May after complaining on his personal blog that “the LGBTQXYZ crowd and the Gaystapo” are trying to reword the Bible “to make their sinful nature ‘right with God,” and that “we must fight back against the enemy.”More.

It’s 2014! Are there still journalists who think they don’t have to take ownership of what they say on social media? You write it, you own it. Period.

National investigative journalism project underway on gun rights and regulations

News21, a national investigative journalism project, is working on a series about gun rights and regulations. We want to hear from the public about what’s important to them in coverage of this topic.

Your insights will also help our newsroom set the direction of our reporting. Your response will not be published.

If you have any questions, please email News21 Engagement Editor David Ryan at — More.

Color me skeptical.